At Umimare, Research and Development (R&D) activities are the lifeblood of our organization, serving as the driving force behind our mission to advance sustainable aquaculture and well-being. Here's why R&D is indispensable to us:

Innovation for Sustainability

R&D allows us to explore cutting-edge solutions in sustainable aquaculture and well-being. It's our driving force in finding innovative ways to minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing the benefits we offer to society.

Product Enhancement

Through rigorous research, we continuously improve our products and processes. This dedication ensures that our offerings are of the highest quality, benefiting not only our customers but also the planet.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Our R&D initiatives foster collaborations with academic institutions and industry partners. These collaborations lead to new discoveries and propel us toward our mission of sustainable innovation.

Through strategic partnerships, we harness our collective skills to benefit the industry, society, and the environment.


Our academic partnerships are vital for driving innovation and product development using marine organisms. These institutions offer valuable expertise and research capabilities, helping us identify opportunities and expedite the commercialization of sustainable solutions.

Our Partners:


Partnering with companies across diverse fields enhances our innovation capacity, enabling us to lead the way in our industry and contribute as a valuable part of the broader innovation ecosystem, driving positive change and shaping a sustainable future.

Our Partners: